Saturday, September 3, 2011


Black Panther's rage smolders much like the still broken television, but he claims to be happy because he can murder all his enemies in one place. I wonder if he is happy enough to have a dance party. And, if you are having a party, I cannot imagine not playing this little ditty:

You can't not sway to this funky beat. You know it to be true.

Anyway, The United States uses the goings on as an excuse to send their Deathloks over, then the credits roll.

After the credits, my single favorite scene in all of animation happens. Part of this is because of nerd knowledge and part of it is because it absolutely revels in making the X-Men look like the biggest bunch of chumps ever.

Okay, so Storm, who is not a telepath, is using the machine designed solely for telepaths to find the Juggernaut. Now, if you don't know, Juggernaut's stupid little helmet is actually designed to block any telepahtic attack. So, the machine that Storm shouldn't be able to use wouldn't be able to find him.

Storm remarks that Juggernaut straight up schooled the X-Men, because she wasn't there, and they are a bunch of punks. Now, he's in Wakanada, where the Black Panther resides. Cyclops tries to be a leader, but he is such a weenie that Storm tells him to slow his roll and stay behind. Wolverine suggests that Storm is going back to ride T'Challa's bony rollercoaster. Storm shuts him down, tells the X-Men they can't come, and just strolls out, leaving Cyclops a blubbering, babbling mess.

This exchange follows:

Wolverine: Way to lead to team, Scott.
Cyclops: Shut up Logan, you're just jealous.
Wolverine (eying Nightcrawler): Nah, he's jealous.
Nightcrawler: Vell, kind of, but you are too. 

Yeah, that's right. The X-Men have a childish exchange arguing about how jealous they are of Storm.  

Honestly, if I have to tell you more about the episode after that, you are dead to me, reader.

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