Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I spent this week really scouring for something amazing for Independence Day weekend, and I think I found just the thing. You will not be disappointed.

But enough of that, I want a little aside diatribe type-dealie here.

I write this blog for a reason. It's to get people to delve deeper into the movies I totally dig, yes, but really it all comes down the the "Garbage Day" clip from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. Now, I find that hilarious, yes, but damnit, there is an entire movie that is just as ridiculous as that clip. Yet, the clip is all people know, and assume it has to be the best part of the movie. This also happens with covers to Silver Age comics a la superdickery.

It miffs me because people just accept those as the best that can come their source, and they are always dead wrong. Garbage Day is hilarious, but the build up to it is even more-so. Superman making Jimmy Olsen live in a slum is funny as hell, but the actual experiences Jimmy Olsen has in the slum are so misguided and out-of-touch that you will never stop laughing.

So, readers, I implore you: watch what I review. I may be a word wizard, but I cannot stress it enough that I will never be able to properly impart on you the sheer bliss that comes from watching these movies. They are joyous.

And now, to placate people who ain't wanna here me pontificate, here is a thing:


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