Thursday, June 9, 2011


I was going to have a long post here.

I really was.

Such topics to be discussed was a possible side-project within the blog wherein I drink lots of beer and watch Michael Dudikov's television opus Cobra, but I couldn't figure out if it would be funnier to watch the whole series straight through, pausing in between episodes to give my thoughts, or to make it a secondary feature of this fledgling smattering of the things I dig. In the end, however, I realized that talking about a non-Stallone Cobra just seemed, well, dirty.

I also debated doing a tribute/defense of the works of the great American thespian, one Nicolas Cage. But, I realized that anyone with taste knows that it would be a pointless endeavor. His filmography tells the tale better than any words I can throw at this computer screen.

So, I have no mid-week content.

And, yes, Thursday at 11:30 PM counts as mid-week to me, so shut up.

Instead, I leave you with this:

The Ghoulies 3 trailer in Spanish


Somehow, it is even more enjoyable if you have no idea what they are saying. Plus, a Spanish-speaking crusty dean will always be pretty boss. 

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