Friday, May 27, 2011


Much like a delinquent child caught stealing from a Toys R' Us, I feel the need to explain myself:

Hi, my name is AJ, and I dig the hell outta some movies most folks'd call shit. This is my blog, where I revel in it. It's called Camp Counseling.


Maybe I should elaborate just a teensy bit more, no?

I happen to love camp. Not of the Crystal Lake variety (though Jason Takes Manhattan is as fantastic as a 7th sequel will ever get), but more of the everything-John-Waters-has-ever-put-out variety. I love bad taste. I think people failing at acting is so much more rewarding than someone succeeding. Sometimes I want to see the zipper on the monster costume, the string on the fake bat, completely unconvincing CG, and hey, maybe an actor about to deep throat the boom mic.

I want an idiotic plot (be it painfully simple, or complex for no damn reason), questionable undertones, and maybe an exposed breast or two. I want a bastardization of an iconic character to such a degree that they are unrecognizable. I want schlock for the sake of schlock; a movie shot for ten bucks in the span of a long weekend in April, right before the rain.

I crave a movie that is blissfully unaware in its ineptitude. A Little Engine That Could right after derailing and killing all its passengers. A movie that Mike Nelson can't make any funnier than it already is. A movie that just oozes bad decisions.

But in a delightful way.

Simply put: I need camp.

And 90% of the time, it is impossible to fake.

So, with this blog, I intend to do two things:

1. Watch and review as many campy movies as I can find. They won't just be scoured from Netflix. They will be found the old-fashioned way: late night cable, movie store bargain bins, garage sales, etc. I will find these movies that no one looked for.

2. Try to introduce you, the reader, to a world of movies you never would've given a second glance to and let you share in my appreciation of "bad" movies.

And mind you, enjoying these movies will involve all of the following emotions:

Giddiness, bewilderment, contentment, anger, mild-depression, a loss in faith in the movie biz, a boost of confidence in your own skills, shame, and then, maybe, just maybe, the euphoria that comes with watching a movie that is only concerned with entertainment. Fuck a message, shit blew up real good.

Now, as for how the blog will work:

I am gonna review a movie once a week, probably on Sundays. In between, I'll post bits and pieces of things. It may be a quick review of the late Randy Savage's rap album. It may be another picture of Paul Kersey and John Matrix high fiving. It could damn well be anything. The point is, I am going to try and keep the content flowing.

I hope you all will stay with me and try to track down the movies I talk about. If you are anything like me, you'll dig the hell outta them.

Oh, and my first reviews will be up no later than Tuesday. To honor war veterans or something.

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