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I'm just going to pretend that this photo was planned, and Heather is all "what the fuck is up with the blood soaked bio pictures, bro?"

Heather Dorff is soon going to be in everything, and you will never be happier. I mean, she's pretty much already in everything now but that's gonna explode even more in the near future, Which is a good thing, because she's pretty much the best. 

Right now, you can see her in her youtube series, Filming Round Midtown, as well as Truth or Dare and The Tour which are making the festival circuit right now. There's also Incorporeal, streaming on Amazon, but if you wanna really dig into her back catalogue, or really just keep up with her, check out Heather's personal website. And, of course, like her facebook and follow her on twitter.

Okay yeah, let's dig into the interview I legit never wanted to end now, shall we?

Christ, I don't even know what introduce you with. I mean, you got Truth or Dare out, which everyone should pre-order if they can't see, and I am pretty sure the entire state of Washington is sick of me chiding them for slacking off on Kill the Production Assistant, so hey, I'm talking to Heather Dorff here!

Well I wanted to mention, much to my sadness, I had to back out of Kill The PA. A lot more nudity was required of the role than what I initially signed up for /was made aware of. So I decided instead of putting myself in a bad place and end up possibly hurting the production, because being uncomfortable in a role is never a good thing, that the best plan of action was to bow out gracefully. 

And we're off swimmingly!


It was a hard decision to make but I think the best one for me. Jess[ica Cameron] is a good friend of mine both professionally and personally so she understood completely. I'm excited to see what they end up doing with the films!

So am I! I actually talked to Tristan Risk recently (last week, even!) so I feel like by the time it's released I will have talked to every iteration of the project from start to finish. Anywho, I watched Incorporeal a few days ago and really dug it. I figure we should open with that since it's on Amazon and we can shill the heck out of it.

 Oh man! Incorporeal! There was the most experimental project I've ever been on ever! So, Mike Johnson of Faux Pas Films actually shot most of the footage around the U.S. randomly and decided "Hey I'll make a movie with all this random b-roll!!! Yay!!!"  So what ended up happening was myself and the other lead actor Dylan Cinti in a very small space (ie: a corner of a hotel room) where we couldn't really move and were on a green screen pretending to be seeing whatever was on the footage without ever really having seen the footage in the first place.  Also, we were improvising, so, yeah. I imagine the green screen bits have to be a bit of a mess. I'm sitting here laughing out loud because seriously it was so crazy!

Not so much a mess as. Okay, Look, I've never been to Chicago. So, I'm watching this, and I'm thinking "wow this city has literally everything."


No, all that footage is from like, everywhere! We don't have caves and massive wooden treehouses or any of that jazz.

Well, dang.

I know. I just ruined your future travel plans!

So, you're kind of taking off right now, and imdb has you linked to an insane number of projects

That it does 

And if you've seen it, you know and I know, I gotta ask: Ed Gein, D.D.S.?

Of course! So Cory Udler is amazing. First off. So is Tom Lodewyck, second of all. FinallyCory got in touch with me one day, being a friend on my facebook, since he was a director and I'm an actress and you know, you try to keep in touch with those kinds of people, and he was like "Hey you want to be in a short with Tom???" Cory, being pretty fun and always completing his projects, and Tom, being an actor I had been in numerous films with but had never been in the same room with together, definitely brought me on board to meet and work with them both in person.

It's a super creepy short, fun, and like a original story of if a bunch of clearly idiotic witches brought Ed back to life cause yeah, that's a good idea!

I am just glad it is a real thing I will be able to see with my eyeballs, more than anything. Also, seriously, witches? Resurrection almost never goes as planned.

Well, resurrecting someone has completely crazy as Ed Gein is pretty much just a hefty serving of silly with a side of crazy sauce. But, to each their own!

Exactly. It's like going to Camp Crystal Lake and thinking maybe nothing bad'll happen to you! Teens and witches, man. They never learn.

Nope. Especially teen witches. Then it's all end of the worlds and stuff.

You hear that, Sabrina? We're on to you. Alright so, now that I've confirmed Ed Gein, D.D.S. exists, and I can die happy, what else you got in the pipe works that people should get excited about?

Well I am talking to one director now about a possible project next year - but I can't mention it yet! Otherwise, I've been kind of sitting back the past few months and not aggressively searching acting work because I'm preparing for a move to Los Angeles. Once I actually get there, I'm going to hit the ground running and really start going cray cray with this whole acting thing. Ever since I started, I've always worked a full time job while trying to be an actress part time, now I'm going to be able to actually focus a bit more time and effort into acting and who knows what that will bring!

 I can't even imagine how you juggled both.

Well I also do a lot of side investments and businesses too! So really it's always been as though I had almost 3 full time jobs! No down time!

The projects I'm most excited about right now that are currently in festivals are Truth or Dare and The Tour. Both of those are "must sees" in my book!

I have not heard a single bad word about either, but Truth or Dare seems to be blowing up like crazy.

That it is. Torture porn at it finest! For anyone into truly disturbing gore Truth or Dare is right up your alley! It's a little light on the plot but heavy on the blood! Super fun times and AMAZING practical effects! It's so fun to see a film do practical effects and avoid CGI! It's rare these days!

Look, everyone needs a little exploitation in their life. And, yeah, practical effects are just the best, and you can only really find them in the underground anymore, which is a bummer/why I talk to all you cats. On the flipside, The Tour is a flick where you get to hang out in a spooky, ancient, haunted British Mansion like an old Hammer film.

So true! It was actually filmed right outside of central London. Such an amazing experience!

I can only imagine, and since I am a sucker for both ultraviolence and spooky houses, I gotta just cross my fingers they show up in my neck of the woods.

I hope so! I'm positive Truth or Dare will get a distro deal and we are hoping with all the success The Tour has had thus far that we can get to go back and shoot a feature film of it! The cast and crew were amazing, so I really hope I get a chance to work with them all again. Making a feature would be amazing.

So, to backtrack a bit, if you're moving to LA, does that mean the end of Filming Round Midtown?

No! Not at all! Actually, we are trying to figure that all out right now;  if we will record it as split screen or just separate segments or what -- Filming Round Midtown is abut to truly begin even! I simply haven't had the time to concentrate on it as I needed to in order to make it as successful as I think it can be! Consistency is key, and with me dropping the daytime gig I truly feel I'll be able to concentrate on things like Filming Round Midtown and make them more of a success!

I kinda want you to 
split screen it and do a Parent Trap type trick and see if anyone catches on for a few episodes.


Good idea! We will definitely do that in one episode maybe! Where Deann acts like me and I act like her! That is brilliant!

Exactly! I am agreeing with you saying I am brilliant!


No seriously that is such an amazing idea though! So much fun and a must do!

You know I'm gonna watch. Heck, I was watching Filming Round Midtown for like months before I realized I could see you in other things because I am an actual terrible journalist.

Yes, other things I am in!

It's like you are an actress or something!

If you want to see a ton of clips, reels, trailers, random shorts and where to see or purchase my films then definitely check out my site: www.heatherdorff.com because I really do try to post everything there!

That totally segues into what I was gonna ask next. You are psychic!

I am! It's the whole actress thing. It comes with super powers!

I was gonna say well then why aren't there more actresses out there, they have to know this! But then I was all,  "oh wait..."  

Anyway, I was going to ask, and I will make this question actually make sense wording wise when I post the interview, a lot of the fresh crop of scream queens, I've noticed, have all had to become business women in their own right, what with maintaining stores on their websites and really interacting with the fans in a whole more personal level. I had to know, how much work alone is it just maintaining the store on your website? 


So I actually don't have as formal of a store. That's something I'm actually going to be working on with my new found extra time now! I'm a web developer at heart,  and in practice (that was my day job up until recently!) so I feel it's unfair for me to comment on how easy it is for me to get the website up, but maintaining is always a biatch! I feel like whenever I pick up the pace on once piece of my social marketing or fan engagement I end up dropping the ball in another area. Like, I get my facebook more up to par, but then stop posting on twitter --which is no good. Marketing and fan interaction is such a beast! It's really a full time job on its own. The best you can do is do the best you can and not completely ''ignore" it -- but, really an assistant is always needed with these things! 

See this is why you link your facebook and twitter so it looks like you are posting in two places! And then you lose all your facebook friends when you livetweet something. Wait, scratch that idea.

I do post, or try to, different things to my facebook than to my twitter. The posts are definitely different! I almost feel like twitter is much better for interaction and link sharing and facebook offers more visual promotion.

Yeah, twitter is more like one giant internet forum everyone is on. I mean, I love facebook, but I can't ask Mark Ruffalo about being in Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance and have him respond to me on it.

But don't we wish that were the case?!

Most definitely. Well, actually I wish myspace was still a thing and I could be myspace friends with Mark Ruffalo and have him be in my top 8. But I'll take what I can get!


Oh, the good ol' days! I was in David Copperfield's top 8 on his official myspace page. True story.

That is the coolest thing. Let's just talk about how cool we were when we were young, forget the actual interview.

Actually - I still am one of his top three! Even though myspace totally f'ed up the site.

You know I had to take a screen-shot for visual proof, right?

Alright, I ask everyone this because I am a Cannon Group junkie, and if I could, I'd just talk about 80's Action movies and only 80's action movies until the day I died, so, what in your mind makes a perfect action scene?

Oh Lordy! That's a damn hard question.

I know! (Just say The Raid. Everyone says The Raid)

I think ,on top of outrageous effects/stunts you need a hero wui a strong personality but with great  comedic timing. Think Bruce Willis in Die Hard or Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. I'm also a huge fan of Jackie Chan and his 90's movies.

Yeah, 90's Jackie Chan is phenomenal. Supercop is a perfect movie.

It really is. I was also a huge fan of the original Robocop. Again, great stunts, great effects, great story, with a hardass hero who was also funny! I ws addicted to Robocop as a kid!

Same here. Robocop and Rambo. Then you watch the moives as an adult and you're like, "they saw this and made kids shows out of them?" Cocaine, you've been the driving force to some interesting things.


I think the mentality of children then and now is much different though.. we just live in a different world entirely. The internet enables kids to grow up too fast where those innuendos are less likely to go over their heads as they would when we were kids.

Ain't that the truth. It's also that weird duality where kids are much much more protected and sheltered by one hand, but given unlimited access to all this stuff on the other.

Yeah. For sure.

We got poignant all of a sudden. Who'd'a thunk it? Let's do some rapid fire questions to fix that!  Favorite slasher?

The original Nightmare on Elm Street. It really f'ing creeped my out as a kid!

See, I'm a Jason guy. Now we are mortal enemies!


I like Jason too! But the dream thing disturbed me. Jason seemed tangible to me, and therefore defeatable!

Alright I'll buy that I guess.

Anything that can kill you in your sleep, in your mind, is so much more of a threat than a real human. Because how does one prepare for that?

Okay I can see that logic. My whole thing was, if a dream demon that can do anything is defeated, he kinda loses all cred in sequels. Whereas with Jason, you basically just put him down long enough to get away.

But like, how many times do you have to shoot a dude before he DIES anyway? Guy was super human!

Michael Myers was the guy that always got shot! Jason was mostly just attacked with farming tools then made into some kinda zombie Frankenstein, then he went into space and was made into a killbot!  

Oh, true! 


Alright I feel like the only way we can end this (because we will just gab at each other endlessly, audience be damned) is if I make you ask me something. So, to wrap this up, is there anything you'd like to ask me?

So what made you start doing interviews?

Well, Camp Counseling was actually a column I had way back in 2005 when IGN had a splinter horror site. That went to a blog format, so I was dormant for a bit due to personal stuff. Then, I went back to straight up reviewing all the underground and cult stuff I'd loved with the column. It went through a bunch of iterations (was even a short lived one-man podcast where you could hear me go actually insane talking to myself in a closet), and I figured: all these movies are cool, but if I keep telling you how cool they are over and over again, it loses meaning. So, why not reach out to the people who are making all the horror and action and made for TV stuff that flies under the radar, and show you just how awesome these people are? Like, the whole point of the site was "hey watch these movies." If I throw in a human factor, it'll push you a lot better into checking this stuff out. I only talk to people who are doing stuff I legitimately love.

Seriously though, you guys, I talk to these guys and gals because I am trying to guilt you into buying their wares. Don't make me have wasted their time for naught! I spent weeks harassing Heather with e-mails to get this interview! You gonna make that mean nothing?

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