Saturday, October 25, 2014


So, hey.

I know it's Saturday, and that is not Camp Counseling day, but I got a message for ya'll. Starting Monday, the little comic book that could EL CHUPACABRA: ACE DETECTIVE is going on sale. It was a labor of love and overcoming absurd, border-line Job-esque obstacles and a collaboration between me and a longtime compadre, Colt Hoskins. It ain't the prettiest child, but we are proud of it nonetheless.

What you would be getting is the first EL CHUPACABRA: ACE DETECTIVE story, titled Double Down on Murder. It is the simple story of a Chupacabra detective tracking down a gambler who has disappeared. Also, the Jersey Devil is there.

It's a digital download that includes the entire single comic book, the original script, creator commentary, and all kinds of sketches that we yelled back and forth about before we settled on the cool monster designs you'll hold in your hands. Well, not really. It's digital.You get my meaning, though.

But, I know what you're wondering. How much does it cost? Well, here's the kicker: you can pay whatever you want.! You can even have it for free if you're strapped for cash! It's Halloween, and everyone deserves to have some monsters in their life.

So hey, give it a look, maybe pass it off to some friends, whatever. It's our gift to you. Well, that and my avoidance of making a Monster Mash joke.



EL CHUPACABRA: ACE DETECTIVE, along with other comics by Colt Hoskins can be found here. 

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